This half term we are learning about space. We are taking part in the BBC Ten Pieces project (google to find out more). For this we have taken the piece of music by Holst called Mars. The children have listened to the music. They closed their eyes and imagined pictures to match the music. We have drawn pictures to the music and danced. We are also learning about orchestras and different musical instruments.

The children made their own planets and some of these will be displayed outside the Key Stage One Hall if you ever want to see them. Thank you for all of your help with their planet homework, they are fabulous!

Here are a few photos of some of the work we have done.

Chinese New Year

This week we started a topic on Chinese New Year. We had a special visitor on Monday called Lip Lee. He told us all about Chinese New Year and showed us how to make paper firecrackers, dragons and animal masks. He also showed the children how to make origami baskets and rabbits. The children listened very carefully and really enjoyed their time with Lip.

St John’s Ambulance

I’m sure the children have already told you that we are learning about People Who Help Us. As part of this work we have been learning about Police and have had a police station in the classroom. We even had to be detectives and catch 2 very sneaky criminals who stole the children’s sweets. Did they tell you who they were?



Today Peter from St John’s Ambulance came to tell us all about being a paramedic.

We learned…
How to ring 999
What to do if we find someone who is not moving
What to do if we have a cut or a burn
How to put someone in the recovery position
How to stop, drop and roll
How to put a bandage on
It was great fun and now we know a lot about a paramedic’s job.